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West Marin Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

11431 State Route 1, Suite 9, PO Box 1228, Point Reyes Station
Phone: (415) 663-9216
eMail: West Marin Physical Therapy


Amy Schliftman, Physical and Occupational Therapist, Owner

Sandy Gamble, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor

Alice Brydges, Feldenkrais and Tai Chi

Susan Johnson, Office Manager


Out-patient Physical and Occupational Therapy; Fully equipped rehabilitation facility with emphasis on Integrative Care.

Expert Bodywork and Massage, Therapeutic Exercise including weight training, stretching, Yoga and Feldenkrais. Posture and Body Mechanics training for injury prevention; Anti-inflammatory Modalities such as Ultrasound, Infrared Laser, Electrical Stimulation and Hands on Energy Integration which includes Cranio-sacral work and chakra re-balancing.

Patient Types:

This is a community physical therapy and wellness practice. We are a generalist practice with an emphasis on healing and preventing injuries, especially orthopedic or neurological conditions. We are equally comfortable with spinal and extremity issues. We share a loving multi-disciplinary approach to wellness. We see all ages.

Insurance and Funding Sources:

Medicare 40% , Private Insurance 35% , Workers compensation 10%, Cash 15%

Primary Challenges:

Rising overhead costs, especially rent. Unable to increase staff wages and/or benefits. Third party payers are paying less and are finding more loopholes and delay tactics to thwart claim payments. Kaiser is taking up market share without utilizing a local facility for physical therapy. Uncertainties regarding new rental contract coming up in August 2009. This is a one full-time therapist practice and she would like to diversify her career with more writing and teaching. May be a challenge to get another therapist given the cost of living in West Marin.

Measures to resolve challenges and effect on community:

Consider renting Kaiser space in fully equipped facility to share overhead costs. They could staff the practice with a Kaiser therapist. Kaiser patients would benefit tremendously to have local rehabilitation services.

Begin marketing programs and services to community to increase patient volume and revenue.

Start more cash based wellness programs.

Move to a smaller space to decrease overhead. Downside is less equipment/space for community treatment.

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